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An invaluable tribe

Indians of our generation grew up listening to tales of Mushtaq Ali, the cavalier opening batsman of the 1930s and 40s canada goose trillium parka sort xxs . 40 years later, when Kris Srikkanth made it to the Indian team, Mushtaq was remembered canada goose trillium parka sort xxs . When Virender Sehwag began blazing away, Mushtaq was still being remembered . The allure of the dasher like a Test match opener is just eternal .

Shouldn’t the Test opener play sensibly, see off the new ball, go ahead and take spite from the wicket, tire the short bowlers, and set up a platform for that batsmen to follow? Not for that dashing opener! Seventy without loss at lunch may be alright for normal openers as well as the dasher, it is better to become 123 for 1 at lunch! He stirs the senses like nobody can . And that alone is reason enough to celebrate this priceless gift to cricket .

The vision is intoxicating; of the knight on the steed, rapier at hand, cutting a swathe for that batsmen to follow . The pitch may be green, the ball swinging prodigiously or bouncing sharply . But these blithe spirits they begin to see the ball, their eyes light up plus they go for it . Audacity, instinct, handeye coordination certainly but most important, strategy is their servant and never the other way round . Because they bring off outrageous shots, people tend to think they have a loose technique . Far from it . Sehwag lowers his bat as straight just like any “technically sound batsman” . The dasher often fails while he chooses to attack a ball that should not have access to been so belligerently addressed . Their very vulnerability contributes to their irresistible charm .

Here’s our listing of the glory buccaneers among Test openers . Our list begins with Victor Trumper, the first and most endearing of these wonderful batsmen and ends with Sehwag, the best torchbearer of the tribe . The remainder is in random order . Figures against the names pertain simply to those Tests they played as opening batsmen .

1 . Victor Trumper: 190112; 32 tests; 1650 runs; average: 33

This really is designed in sheer craving for Trumper, who played his cricket A century ago . Our school boy impressions are from the stories of Trumper by Cardus, Fingleton and Robinson . The images that accompanied the prose always showed Trumper jumping out of his crease, and finishing a straight hit . Trumper was one out of millions of . Choose from all of these glorious runaminute centuries: Against England: in Manchester, 1902, 104 runs in only 115 minutes; Sydney in 1908, 166 runs in 241 minutes; Against Nigeria: Melbourne in 1910, 159 runs off 158 balls after which 214 off 247 balls in Adelaide within the same series . Trumper died tragically young at 38 . Srikkanth was 27 not out whenever we set off . By 7 . 30am when we reached the ground, Srikkanth was 10 goes out from his century . The man had gone berserk . His fans will feel cheated when we do not mention how he belted Imran Khan and company out of Chepauk in January 1987, hitting 123 runs of just 147 balls . He had many bumbling dismissals but his square drive on a bent knee off Andy Roberts was the shot from the 1983 World Cup .

For thousands of cricketcrazy spectators in Chennai, around the first morning of the Test match against West Indies in January 1967, it was excruciating to watch Dilip Sardesai sedately play out all six balls of the last over before lunch . It prevented Engineer from recording a century before the break . Engineer had already hit 97 runs that morning against Wes Hall, Charlie Griffith, Garry Sobers and Lance Gibbs, an innings that even today gives goosebumps . He was the “Suicide pilot” opener for Lancashire in their Gillette cup matches . The first over he faced went for 14 runs four hits and 2 misses . Kunderan continued different color leaves to score 71 . Contacted to exchange the injured Engineer for that 1964 Test match in Chennai against England, he blasted nearly 200 runs on the opening day . There is minimum movement of feet, amazing handeye coordination and a flashing blade . Given his build, Milburn sensibly preferred boundaries to running his singles . England might have lost the Old Trafford Test to West Indies in 1966, but Milburn, with a belligerent 94, made sure the ship went down with guns blazing . His stopstart Test career ended as he lost a watch in a vehicle crash . A smallmade man, Fredericks packed enormous angst in his shots . His 169 runs of just 144 balls with 27 fours was sheer violence .

In a minimum of three Tests against India in India, Afridi opened the Pakistan innings at a blistering pace . Two (Chennai 1999 and Bangalore 2005) of those setup the woking platform for Pakistan wins . Although he stopped opening for Pakistan and have become much more erratic on the order, Afridi is clearly the most bludgeoning batsman to ever open for Pakistan . The fact that his strike rate as a Test opener is over 86 runs per 100 balls says it all .

8 . Keith Stackpole: 196974; 33 Tests, 2390 runs; average: 40 . 5

Stackpole became a dent batsman for Australia only over time in the middle order . But once he became the dour Bill Lawry’s opening partner he opened up great choices for Australia . An attacking captain like Ian Chappell relished a belligerent opener who took the attack to opposing bowlers . On his only tour to India in 1969, he carved a century at the Brabourne Stadium but was rather quiet by his standards in the other matches . average: 39 . 65

A prolific county player, Barnett is better remembered for his knock of 126 in the Nottingham Test against Australia as he narrowly missed a hundred years before lunch . Barnett would be a punishing batsman feared for his ferocious cuts and scorching drives played on the up . In many a county game, he hit the very first ball he faced for six .

There’s never been an opener like him which is hard to think there will be another in a lifetime . The stats are astounding: 19 centuries, which two are triple centuries, four are double centuries and many are big centuries . His average of 54 . 88 is only below illustrious, classical openers like Jack Hobbs, Bert Sutcliffe and Len Hutton and above other all time greats . Additionally the number of wins he’s setup through his explosive opening . To attain such amazingly high yields at a strike rate of 80 . 87 puts him in a peak that no-one has scaled . His recent centuries only have got faster! Has anybody thrilled our senses like him?

There continue to be Sanath Jayasuriya, Chris Gayle, Michael Slater, Mushtaq Ali, Matthew Hayden and many others to write about . Young Tamim Iqbal of Bangladesh is beginning to put together rapidfire centuries that may see him join this pantheon . But we should halt somewhere . Maybe another time and another place we’ll do justice to the other trailblazers .

Anwar was much more of a conventional opener in Tests and therefore will not meet the criteria with this article . If I would write an article to list stylish openers then Anwar could be up there . Jayasurya again, will be a dasher in the ODI format . Matt Hayden was up there but his strike rate is 60 odd if memory serves me right . Perhaps a write up 2 . 0 could do that . All said and done, Sehwag’s records will be tough to beat, most of us may be dead and gone prior to the next one arrives . 4000 of his 7000 odd runs in 4s plus 79 sixes! As Morne Morkel said after the operate a ball triple . “ridiculous” . . canada goose trillium parka sort xxs .

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A Little Bit of Heaven Across the Canal

I’ve got the very best commute in Washington perhaps on the planet baby canada goose snowsuit . I live in Brookmont baby canada goose snowsuit . That’s in Bethesda just over the District line, and it also transpires with abut the C Canal National Park .

For 20odd years now, I’ve commuted the five miles after that to my office in Georgetown through the C Canal towpath and/or the parallel Capital Crescent Trail .

Depending on the season, I do it by bike (an unalloyed pleasure), by rollerblade (a little more work), by crosscountry ski (a lot more work), by ice skate (exquisite when it is doable) or by foot (rarely) . If all else fails I can take the bus down MacArthur Boulevard, which actually takes slightly longer .

The only traffic jams I encounter are too many deer blocking the path throughout the rutting season . The only road rage I see may be the occasional malevolent Canada goose protecting its goslings .

Furthermore I recieve my exercise during my commute however i can also compose my day’s thoughts towards the accompaniment of bird songs in route in and can decompress amongst the verdant foliage and shimmering water on the way back .

My wonderful “Zen” commute is no accident . I bought my house for the reason that thenunfashionable neighborhood just so I could obtain that commute . Years later, when my employer moved to Rockville, I purchased out my division of the company (and the office lease, too) so that I possibly could maintain the commute I’d fallen in love with . And, ultimately, when that building’s landlord would no more renew our third lease, I purchased a little office building in Georgetown near the canal so that I didn’t need to sacrifice the “perfect commute . ” . baby canada goose snowsuit .

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A Dance Company Presents ‘Gatekeepers’ Performance at 8th Annual Gala

Ny, Feb canada goose yorkdale mall . Founded by internationallyacclaimed choreographer Artistic Director Ronald K canada goose yorkdale mall . Actress Phylicia Rashad served because the Gala Honorary Chair .

The Gala presented Evidence’s performance of “Gatekeepers,” a powerful modern dance work choreographed by Brown that explores the theme and services information and intergenerational care giving . In addition to performances, Gatekeepers Community Project provides opportunities for elders and youth to have interaction together in an inclusive way, ultimately to strengthen communities and teach respect and collective responsibility .

“Ron Brown’s inspiration and influence for the dance work Gatekeepers and for Evidence’s 2012 theme of ‘Gatekeepers: Celebrating Service’ includes Native American myth and African traditions,” said Lewis of Brown, who also choreographed “Porgy and Bess . ” “These cultures think that just as the community takes care of the child, so must the child look after the elders when it is time to transition to the afterlife . Ron has blended these themes of a safe and peaceful way of life across the generations and our obligation to help one another in this quest . ”

The gala featured a Charity Buzz auction where visitors can bid on spectacular auction items including a round of golf with model Beverly Johnson, custom dinner at home made by Bravo’s Chef Roble, and a luxury getaway in Panama and nicaragua ,, amongst others . All proceeds will benefit Evidence’s outreach programs, such as the Gatekeeper Community Project . Gala sponsors included Verizon Foundation, GREY GOOSE Vodka, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Booz Allen Hamilton, DraftFCB, Nielsen, and Prudential . . . canada goose yorkdale mall .

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A coat for truly extreme weather

The mercury dredged to minus26 degrees a week ago in Minnesota, my home, but I wasn’t worried new canada goose 2010 . A shipment had arrived from Canada Goose, the Torontobased outerwear maker that still deals in beaverfur trim, hoods with coyote fur, and buckets of its eponymous goosedown insulation new canada goose 2010 . The company, which has serviced polar expeditions and Mount Everest climbs for many years, touts its catalog as containing the “best extreme cold temperature outerwear in the world . “My test coat, the Snow Mantra parka, may be the warmest winter coat I’ve ever pulled on . It features a large tunnel hood having a coyotefur ruff, a billowed body stuffed 2 ” thick with pounds of goose down and a fleecelined throat latch to seal the neck and chin from chill . The jacket, a model purportedly popular with researchers in the South Pole, has been around for years . We have an expeditionary look, including knit insignia patches, reflective striping, a Dring clip, and a plastic ID window around the chest pocket . But this warmth does not come cheap . The Snow Mantra, designed to last for years in extreme climates, costs a fantastic $885 . Despite its high price, the coat has extremely limited use . It’s made for outdoor activities in extreme cold where the wearer is going to be stationary or fairly inactive . Walking, hunting in a blind, dog sledding, stargazing, ice fishing, polar research and light snowshoeing would be appropriate activities . Something more rigorous and you will soon be sweating . To check the coat, I hiked a couple miles one evening outdoors in minus20degree weather with simply a shortsleeve Tshirt underneath the Snow Mantra . I paired the coat with boots, big mittens and Canada Goose’s $250 Tundra Down Pant, that has thick, insulated nylon legs . In this getup, I was toasty warm the whole time and sweating after i walked up hills in the woods . Indeed, in weather above 10 degrees, Canada Goose’s offerings were almost too warm to wear for anything further than waiting for in the woods or on the frozen lake . For the deep, dark temperatures it’s designed to endure, the Snow Mantra excels . Extra features including knit nylon cuffs to ensconce the wrists and internal mesh pockets made to hold heatemitting chemical hand warmers add amazing warmth . But the cocoon of heat has performance disadvantages, too . This coat is bulky and heavy, tipping nearly 7 pounds on my scale . Its hood is huge and immobile, blocking peripheral vision when deployed with its fluffy coyote fur stuck out . Canada Goose offers a product range, including lessextreme parkas, aviatorstyle jackets, down vests and casual winter coats . With its hefty price tag and limited use, the Snow Mantra has a small audience, mainly polar explorers and dwellers from the high latitudes . However for arctic individuals, Canada Goose’s coat could mean the difference between comfort and cold, even life and death, within the most frigid places . . new canada goose 2010 .

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Aiken Standard

Aiken Standard (Newspaper) November 6, 2004, Aiken, South Carolina 4A Alton Standard Aiken SC Saturday November 6 2004 Aiken County news Page edited by Philip Lord Portraits of history Aiken Standard file photo NATIONAL SECRETARIES Linda Lagrow left and Sheri DeWitt attended the 30th annual National Association of Legal Secretaries Convention in July 1981 Mrs Lagrow president of the Aiken Chapter of the Legal Secretaries Association repre sented Aiken at the convention Mrs DeWitt SC Legal Sec of the season represented the Palmetto State in competi tion for that national title If you have interesting photos that document a brief history of the faces and places in Aiken County please allow us to dis play them here Submission forms might be acquired at the Aiken Standard office or accessed like a portable document file on the Aiken Standard Web site at PDFs are file types that needs to be available to most comput er types The submission form must be filled out completely and mailed or hand delivered to the Aiken Standard at 326 Rutland Drive Aiken SC 29801 For more information or questions in regards to the Portraits of the Past call Kimberley Kirkey at 6482311 ext 212 One day IN THE LIFE Upcoming Events Today You will see a Miss and Master Holiday Pageant today at the Fer mata Club in Aiken The Natural Pageant begins at 10 am and the Glitz Pageant begins at 3 pm The beauty fee is Call Kim Ray at 8036412252 to learn more A Walk for Thought to support the Injury to the brain Alliance of Sc and their efforts to advertise injury prevention and aware ness will be held at Riverview Park in North Augusta today at 10 am The entry free is perfect for ages 17 and also over for traumatic injury to the brain sur Free Tshirts will be open to the very first 100 registered participants For information call 6482858 A spaghetti dinner is going to be held today from 11 am until 5 pm at Phils Deli on Whiskey Route to raise money for that Johnnie Tin dall Bone Marrow Trans plant Fund Tickets are are available at Phils Deli or by calling 2214577 The 2nd Annual Sweet Water Tree Farm with Paradise Farm Horse Show will be today from 10 am until pm For more informa tion contact Sandy Wohlers at 6411018 Old Time Homecom ing Farmers Reunion is going to be held today at 9 am To learn more con tact 6484123 The Aiken County Pub lic Library will present Fall under a great Book Story Time for all ages today at 11 am Hear stories about fall and Thanksgiving Con tact 6427585 for more information The people in Ameri can Legion Post No 212 will be sponsoring a Veterans Day Program today 6 at 11 am in the Winthrop Hall American Legion Post No 212 For more information contact Gene Hamilton at 6426374 The Aiken County Pub lic Library is going to be showing Shrek 2 today at 1 pm Come enjoy this free movie matinee with us To learn more call 6422020 EdgeWood Neighbor hood Association may have their Community Day today from 8 am until 10 am you can emerge and take part Breakfast and lunch will be served The town of Aiken Parks and Recreation Department will host Clinics for basket ball These clinics really are a requirement to coach in any of the town of Aikens sport programs The program is going to be offered on Nov 6 for Part I at am and Part 11 at am To learn more contact 642 7761 Edgefield County may have its Veterans Day Cel today at 6 pm around the Strom Thurmond Foot ball Field Sunday Customer Appreciation Polo Day is going to be Sunday at 3 pm The big event is free of charge Monday Aikens chapter meeting is going to be held at 3 pm Monday within the Fellow ship Hall in the South Aiken Presbyterian Church 1711 Whiskey Road Annual dues are per household All are welcome The Aiken City Coun cil will come across at 7 pm at the Aiken Municipal Complex 214 Park Ave SW Fermata Club Head Tennis Professional Lackie will be offering a 6 week session of tennis les sons for Junior players of all levels beginning Monday and running until Dec 13 in the Fermata Club tennis courts at 841 Whiskey Road The Aiken County First Steps Partnership Board will meet on Monday at pm at the Aiken County Library To learn more contact Marcia Nash at 6433845 The City of Aiken will host a Youth Church Bas Officials and Storekeepers meeting on Monday at pm at Citi zens Park II For additional infor mation call John at 643 4664 Tuesday The St Joseph Hos pice Book Club wiil meet Tuesday at 7 pm at First Presbyterian Church 224 Barnwell Ave NW in Aiken For information call 706 7296066 or 800 533 3949 The club will come across the second Tuesday of each month Aiken Newcomers Club will meet Tuesday in the Country Club Registration will start at 10 am followed by a company meeting at Cost of the luncheon is going to be Reservations may be produced by calling either 6416732 or 6430476 Submitted photo SEASONAL FUN Lynn Rickabaugh left and Joy Colley pre pare for the pumpkin painting contest at Oktoberfest at Aiken Tech College Staff photo by Bengtson AUTOGRAPH PLEASE Australian golfer Katherine Hull pauses after finishing the 18th hole at the Asahi to sign auto graphs for many young admirers Pictured are McKenzie Tal bert left Morgan Sherry and Mara Sherry Photo submitted by Carolyn Anderson WINNERS The East Aiken Chargers pose for a team picture after winning first place within their division and overall Grand Champion in the Stratford Invitational on Oct 30 in Goose Creek Pictured from left to right are 1st row Kyndall Coop er Coach Lynette Doolittle and Coach Amber Anderson 2nd row Sydney Hayes Robyn Rutland West and Rachel Meek 3rd row Kristen Curtis Ali Graves Goldman Leeanna Valentine Lacey Melcher Camilla Grier Keira Everatt Blane Burch Ashley Winfield and Sharde Frazier 4th row Chelsea McKnabb Katherine Adcox Simone Diggs Lindsey Bimrose Lindsey Workman Randi Hyche and April Everatt 5th row Sloan Wightman Jessie Curry Kerri Sizemore and Katee McCarthy POLICE BOOKINGS Fundamental essentials bookings recorded by the Aiken Depart ment of Public Safety for that dates of Oct 29 through Nov 4 Some people might not have spent time in prison if they posted bond and were released Although those list ed have been arrested and charged that does not mean they have been found guilty William Mark Adams 38 driving under the influence third offense Vince Amount Bennett 41 hold for Aiken County Sheriff Office for assault and battery of the high and aggravated nature Andrew Lemard Carter 27 fail ure to appear and pay Family Court Karl Lee Driggers 21 criminal domestic violence Holly Chandra Gainey 25 obtaining drugs by fraud a lot more than first three counts Marlene Michelle Jackson 30 fraudulent check Kevin Jordan 18 driving under suspension seatbelt violation Christopher Joseph Mallen 43 public drunk Alex Eugene Mills 37 expired vehicle license seatbelt violation simple having marijuana no evidence of insurance failure to prevent for blue lights Jimmy Ohara 20 driving under suspension speeding 57 inside a 40 James Prather 25 driving under suspension third offense giving false information speeding 59 inside a 45 seatbelt violation hold for unlawful possession of a firearm Travis Robinson 29 seatbelt violation open container giving falsehoods no evidence of insurance David Allen Segura 44 disor derly conduct David Arnold Turner 40 crimi nal sexual conduct with a minor two counts lewd act on a child two counts Shannon Patrice Vess 34 sim ple possession of marijuana Renee Wilkes 46 shoplifting Leon Pierce Harrison 30 driv ing under suspension second offense improper lights Michael Tony Isbell 22 driving while impaired second offense Jimmie Johnson 51 disorderly conduct gross intoxication Richard Lee Johnson 31 Fami ly Court bench warrant hold for Aiken County Sheriff Office for possession of cocaine simple having marijuana Brandon Torres Lozoya 17 transporting liquor illegally public drunk disorderly conduct minor in possession of alcohol Devalle Jeffery McCain 26 driving under suspension second offense driving left of center no proof of insurance Roman Fransisco Montalvo 26 solicitation of the minor Kevin Lee Pounds 17 assault Jordan Norris Printup 27 driv ing drunk open container Gabriel Rodreguez 27 criminal domestic violence Monica Renee Smith 33 disor derly conduct bench warrant from Aiken Department of Public Safety Rodney Dean Stevens 37 van Melantha Janette Taylor 29 criminal domestic violence Bradford Douglass Turner 41 violation of probation Jimmy Ashley Sr 43 driving without headlights driving under sion first offense Dianna Rebecca Bean 32 tres passing disorderly conduct Christopher Edward Bonnette 32 utilization of a vehicle without consent sim ple larceny Tyrone Brimfield 29 resisting arrest failure to stop on police com mand driving an unsafe vehicle Ramon Hernandez Cruz 32 no Sc drivers license James Aurthur Fanning 43 lar ceny less than Elvis Ed Green 25 pedestrian in roadway Gregory A Johnson 27 disor derly conduct bench warrant Thomas Eugene Jones 55 unlawful utilization of a mobile phone disorderly conduct Casey Christian Kohler 19 having a controlled substance possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance Luis Felipe Martinez 27 assault and battery Ella Moore 31 disor derly conduct Franklin R Murphy breach of trust with fraud intent to Johnathan Jerome Sharpton 34 criminal domestic violence of the high and aggravated nature criminal domes tic violence Andres Merlin Tapia 37 open container Joshua Ryan Thompson 22 disorderly conduct Adrien Kelly Toole 27 Family Court bench warrant Destiny Ann Troutt 34 assault and battery Gil Carmon Ubaldo 24 no cle license no South Carolina drivers license operating an uninsured vehicle Ernest Buff IV 26 driving under suspension third offense open container Jeffrey Bennie Cooper 20 sim ple having marijuana Tony Kevin Dreher 36 three counts Alfred Joseph Goodson 44 criminal domestic violence Kristen Goodson 39 criminal domestic violence first Jason Edward Greenwood 22 financial transaction number theft finan cial transaction card fraud Scon Edward Mailman 18 dis orderly conduct gross intoxication Larry Darnell Jones 20 hold for Aiken County Sheriff Office murder Kellie D Lariscey 36 failure to appear Magistrate Court bench warrant Paul Sumner Miller Jr 52 assault and battery of the high and nature larceny under Shannon Lee OBryant 30 fail ure to appear and pay Family Court bench warrant open container bench warrant Stephen Dewayne Perkins 25 driving under suspension first offense Alana Quattlebaum 29 giving falsehoods forgery three counts Samuel Robert Soper 28 crimi nal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature criminal domestic vio lence Richard Stewart Jr 39 forgery three counts no drivers license Russel Wayne Watkins 26 lit tering possession of methamphetamine Aiken County Sheriff Office hold Dennis Keith Williams 38 vio lation of probation Holly Terrell Williamson 18 burglary second degree Earl Stanley Yon Jr 30 criminal domestic violence Troy Antoinne Barrow 31 wanted from Saluda County n Jerome Nathan Bell 26 point ing and presenting Terry Ray Bennett 43 disorder ly conduct Kenneth James Brown 40 hold for all of us Marshals Darrell Jorie Campbell 28 criminal domestic violence Michael Dale Davis 26 driv ing under suspension second offense trafficking operating an uninsured vehicle David James Hankinson 21 no vehicle license failure to stop for blue lights operating an uninsured vehicle driving under suspension fourth offense Keith Fredrick Hanna 42 crimi nal domestic violence Joshua Emanuel Jenkins 24 General Sessions Court bench warrant James Walton Jordan Jr 21 shoplifting simple possession of na possession of drug paraphernalia Lakisha Shanta Kitchings 29 fraud check under Lonnie Lee 36 fraud check under bench warrant two counts Keith Laran Norris 43 posses sion of cocaine distributing cocaine pos session of marijuana having a controlled substance Robert Laverne Pounds Jr 19 malicious injury to personal property a lot more than assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature Sharon Laverne Rivers 31 obtaining property by false pretenses forgery Thomas Edward Ross 58 driv ing under suspension improper tag no insurance possession of stolen property Mario Hugo Salazar 22 drunk open container operating an uninsured vehicle no dri vers license Julie Lynne Taylor 33 criminal domestic violence Anthony Arthur Wilson 19 simple possession of marijuana posses sion of the firearm under 21 Kayla Anastasia Brown 17 malicious injury to personal property two counts Taliaferro Davis 22 driving under suspension first offense expired tags operating an uninsured vehicle Drucila Leyva Dela Cruz 24 speeding 82 inside a 46 no drivers license bench warrant no seatbelt bench war rant giving falsehoods bench war rant invalid license bench warrant Willie Deloach 61 trespass after notice Andrew Jermine Holloway 19 hold for grand larceny Douglas Jackson 36 criminal domestic violence third degree Winton Marshand Seigler 40 assault Christopher Marion Simmons 23 disorderly conduct Bryant Keith Smith 30 driving under suspension second offense failure to use turn signal Freddie Alonzo Butler 35 fail ure to appear and pay Family Court Solen Vance Coleman 111 37 shoplifting second offense under Elizabeth Ann Darden 36 financial transaction card theft forgery four counts breach of trust Scott Michael Davis 48 hold for possession of crack cocaine Alvin Jerome Dorsey 33 sim ple assault and battery fraudulent check Aiken County Sheriff Office bench war rant Edward Swift Evans 58 tres pass after notice Fredy Alvarez Flores 24 driv ing under the influence no drivers license Michael Ford 19 assault and battery Sharon Kay Green 43 shoplift ing third offense Perry Edward Hallman 25 pro viding falsehoods bench warrant from Aiken County Public Safety posses sion of a fake or altered tag Tony Bernard Holloway 18 hold for grand larceny Darrin Darrel Hoston 28 crim inal sexual conduct first degree posses sion of a firearm during a violent crime Bruce Wayne Johnson 34 pos session of drug paraphernalia providing falsehoods to some Public Safety cer bench warrant Sabrina 17 malicious injury to personal property Timothy Shawn Moore 50 hold for South Congaree Police Department Bernard Richardson 19 giving falsehoods indecent behavior North Augusta Department of Public Safety bench warrant

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2010 Maryland Late Waterfowl Hunting Seasons Set

ANNAPOLIS, Md solaris parka . (Sept solaris parka . 2, 2009) The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has reviewed all public input and finalized the 20092010 late waterfowl hunting seasons . “As always, public input helped guide our decisions,” said Paul Peditto, Director of DNR’s Wildlife and Heritage Service . “The those who spent the time to attend our public meeting and supply comments through our online forum should be commended . ”

Good breeding habitat conditions should create a large fall flight of ducks this year . The 60day duck season includes three segments, running from October 17 to October 24, November 14 to November 27, and December 15 to January 30 . The daily bag limit will be six ducks per day .

One change this season is definitely an increase in the daily bag limits for certain diving ducks . “The breeding population of canvasbacks increased 38 percent to 660,000 birds this year and scaup numbers were above 4 million for the first time in nearly ten years,” said Larry Hindman, DNR’s Waterfowl Project Leader . “As an effect, diving duck hunters may take two scaup and something canvasback each day in their six duck limit . ”

The 2009 spring breeding pair survey of Atlantic Population (migratory) Canada geese was 176,600 when compared with 169,700 in 2008 . Unfortunately, spring snowmelt was delayed over most of the Atlantic Population (AP) breeding range in northern Quebec leading to reduced nesting effort and poor gosling production . Thus, the 2009 AP Canada goose season remains unchanged from this past year at 45 days with a daily bag limit of two geese . The growing season is going to be split into two segments, from November 21 to November 27 and from December 17 to January 30 .

The higher snow goose breeding population reached an all time high this spring with 1 . 4 million birds . “Unlike the poor nesting conditions for Canada geese, conditions were favorable for greater snow geese,” said Hindman . “Thus, the autumn flight ought to be one of the largest ever, approaching 2 million birds . ”

Greater and lesser snow geese and Ross’s geese are collectively known as ‘light geese’ . A Light Goose Conservation Order season will immediately stick to the conclusion from the regular light goose hunting season this season . Throughout the Conservation Order season hunters may use unplugged shotguns, electronic calls and hunt from one halfhour before sunrise to one halfhour after sunset without any daily bag or possession limits .

“The intent from the liberal Conservation Order season is to significantly reduce light goose populations,” said Hindman . “The Atlantic Flyway greater snow goose population is more than twice the desired population size . Participants must have a very valid Maryland hunting license (or resident Delaware license) and a 20092010 Maryland Migratory Game Bird Hunting Stamp .

All migratory game bird hunters, including landowners who’re licenseexempt, are required to have the Maryland Migratory Game Bird Stamp . Hunters must possess the printed receipt showing evidence of acquisition of the Maryland Migratory Game Bird Stamp while hunting migratory game birds . . solaris parka .

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Able Fair Pendants and Necklaces

Once you admit just how able fair pendants and necklaces can be youll admiration the reason why you didnt anticipate from it earrings for women cheap canada goose banff fake . The abundant affair about fair adornment is that it can be beat within the lots of academic setting, including as a admirable emphasis to your marriage dress; however it aswell looks abundant with your admired brace of jeans canada goose banff fake . As well as advance it is going with aggregate inbetween .

Pearl pendants and necklaces come in assorted lengths, with the chaplet and also the braiding getting the two lots of accepted lengths . The braiding could be beat a array of means including getting captivated 2 or 3 times, or accepting a bond angry inside it . The chaplet breadth works ablebodied with cut close curve and instantly adds a blow of chic to any look .

Pearls come in abounding altered sizes alignment from 5mm to 8mm . You will find beyond sizes however they become actual expensive . Fair pendants and necklaces aswell appear in altered shades from abrupt white to buttery white, and again lets not overlook about the black chaplet that accept become so accepted within the accomplished decade . They absolutely yield the fair to a new level .

Dont accomplish ablaze from the furnishings fair adornment can accept on abacus the finishing touches to your look . Of advance fair pendants and necklaces really are a abundant alpha but all women should accept at atomic a brace of altered types of earrings . A brace of fair Pearl Earringsshould be considered a basic item . Again accept addition appearance so that you can mix and bout to get the exact aftereffect you are searching for . . canada goose banff fake .

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Air force cleared of wrongdoing this year helicopter flight to a Labrador lake

OTTAWA The air force continues to be cleared associated with a wrongdoing in its decision to approve a helicopter flight in Labrador last year that the military had said was intended to reward crew members for completing maintenance canada goose calgary sale .

The military police says it found no evidence that assets were misused when the CH146 Griffon flew to No Name Lake on June 21, 2012 canada goose calgary sale .

Members of 5 Wing Goose Bay received criticism following a provincial politician posted a photograph on Facebook showing crew members fishing during the trip .

At the time, the airbase said the trip was meant to recognize your time and effort of ground crews in finishing maintenance and inspection of an aircraft that returned from the deployment in Jamaica .

A spokesman for 5 Wing Goose Bay also said at that time that crew members conducted a reconnaissance mission and survival learning the region of No Name Lake, including fishing .

The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, the military police’s investigative wing, says the chopper was used for local training and to clear brush from the landing pad, and never as survival training as the air force originally reported .

We will not publish comments which are profane, libelous, racist, or engage in personal attacks .

We screen for comments that aim to spread information that’s false or misleading .

We will not publish: Comments written that are poorly spelled; or are written in caps; or which use strange formatting to obtain noticed .

If you are using an alias, make sure it’s unique .

We won’t publish comments that link to outside websites .

Appreciate following these guidelines and contributing your thoughts . You are adding to debate and discussion, and helping to make this site a far more open place . . canada goose calgary sale .

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A Global Digital Media Network

Wildlife experts have warned of a giant killer beast lurking in waterways near the 2012 Olympic Park in East London canada goose whistler 2012 . The warning came after eyewitness account of a 16 lb Canada goose dragged under water canada goose whistler 2012 . Experts express it might be a pike or perhaps a python .

An eyewitness of the attack relating to the Canada goose was Mike Wells, who lives in the Lea Valley locally from the river . He said: “We were just passing the time of day looking at a Canada goose 30 yards away, but then it simply suddenly disappeared . It transpired vertically . There had not been hesitation, it went lower . This didn’t return up . My pal and that i checked out one another slackjawed . ”

Following Well’s eyewitness account from the incident, wildlife experts are speculating what the mysterious “monster” could be . The favourite candidate is a giant pike . Experts say, pikes could grow up to 40 lbs . Pikes, however, mostly prey on smaller fish but they happen to be recognized to attack ducklings . Experts speculate it could be also an escaped pet python or even a pet alligator . Pythons and alligators have a more varied diet and could undertake any average sized animal . But professionals state that a python or alligator would find it hard to survive in cold winter water . Experts say another possibility is a giant turtle or terrapin . Terrapins, experts say, each fish, slugs, snails and may attack ducklings and duck eggs . Your final suggestion is really a large mink, a mammal we know of to attack ducks and small geese .

Daily Mail reports some people keep pythons, turtles and even alligators as pets, but abandon them once they have grown too large . After they’ve had it within their pond, or bath, or whatever they are likely to ensure that it stays for some time and the thing starts to grow and grow and grow and grow . Obviously they cannot keep it in their homes anymore so what do they do? They believe they are doing the best thing for that actual animal by putting it into a river or stream . ”

However, many locals continue worrying that it could be an alligator or perhaps a python lurking within the water . Mark Wells said: “Being a river person, I pieced together what we’d observed in seconds . The goose was prey to something . A Canada goose is not a small bird . They weigh about 16 lb, so whatever took it was also large . ”

The sun’s rays reports Mark Wells believes the beast must be identical to the creature which was reported to possess taken down a goose within the same area in 2005 . Daily Mail reports the employees of Lea Rivers Trust saw a Canada goose being dragged down into the water in 2005 . Employees also reported large holes dug into the bank from the river by what must be a sizable animal .

Wells, based on the Sun, said: “It must be the same creature . Some people I’ve talked to think it could be a large pike and i have seen some turtles in regards to a foot across, however they are not really large enough to consider a goose . ”

Michael Allen, a Zoology graduate who resides in the neighborhood of Olympic Park, thinks it might be an escaped pet python . He states: “[A python] could survive in this climate, although it would be a bit sluggish . A small goose or perhaps a duck might be a perfect meal . ”

BBC reports that the spokesman for the British Waterways, however, attempted to dampen fears . She said: “We don’t believe there is a crocodile in the river . Stuff that happen to be suggested are a big pike or perhaps a mink, which could prey on ducks . But geese may well be a bit big for them . A trap must be set to trap the animal, the experts say . canada goose whistler 2012 .

canada goose tremblant jacket review

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a duck for the Holiday Republican American

If initially you do not succeed canada goose tremblant jacket review . Actually, I did succeed at first canada goose tremblant jacket review . I additionally tried and tried again, which worked out pretty well, too . Last Saturday I did the New Milford portion of the WoodburyRoxbury Christmas Bird Count . I always start at dawn at Young’s Field across the Housatonic River in downtown New Milford . It is a good place for waterfowl and gulls .

Amid the typical large number of Canada geese, mallards and ringbilled gulls other species can usually be located .

I hadn’t been there long whenever a somewhat paler goose among a throng in excess of 1,000 Canada geese caught my eye . Telescope views revealed a bird quite similar to the Canadas but with a frosty aspect to the back and wings, and a think white collar mark at the base of its black neck .

Its size, half that of the Canada geese, combined with those marks, identified it as a cackling goose .

These small arctic geese were long considered subspecies of the Canada goose, but recently they have been split off as a separate species . I felt fortunate to see it when it wasn’t hidden through the mass of bigger geese, i quickly moved on to other areas . ought to be unafraid to make use of its entire arsenal (10)Calabrese to guide Walsh Elementary School in Waterbury (10)

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